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The fact you must work harder than anyone else will be empowering. Apply for an exciting job on the 3rd. It may be impossible to land the position at this time, but the New Moon will increase your chances for future success.

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On the 17th, the Full Moon will force you to confront problems in an intimate relationship. The career constraints of a partner are undermining your bond. Unless one or both of you is willing to change, it may be necessary to go your separate ways. Are you single? Beware of getting involved with someone who is emotionally distant.

The New Moon on the 3rd warns against disclosing sensitive information.

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If someone confides in you, maintain their privacy. It will be tempting to share this information with others, but that will undermine your reputation as a trustworthy person. Dealings with a government agency will be difficult at the beginning of June. You'll be continually turned down for help without being given a reason why. Instead of trying to crack this code, look elsewhere for the assistance you need.

A hidden benefactor will come to your rescue when you least expect it. On the 17th, the Full Moon brings unnerving news about a health problem.

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It will be necessary to undergo a battery of tests to pinpoint the source of a problem. Although this situation will be very trying, it's important to attend each appointment. Slowly but surely, the truth of your situation will emerge. When it does, you'll find the relief you desperately desire. On the 3rd, the New Moon will put you in some unusual company. Although you'll like some of the people you work with, others will rub you the wrong way. Don't draw lines in the social sand just yet. You never know who will be in the position to help you, either personally or professionally.

If someone asks you for a loan, issue a polite refusal. You can't waste your hard-earned money on an irresponsible person who will gladly milk you for every cent. With friends like that, you won't need enemies. A creative project won't turn out the way you intended on the 17th. That's because a stressful Full Moon has limited your finances. As a result, you've been forced to work with inferior materials. Don't despair.

Instead of treating this work as a failure, consider it a prototype. You'll be able to make improvements as more funds become available. A professional offer on the 3rd isn't what it seems. The New Moon is obscuring important details involving this position. You may be forced to work with a difficult colleague that can't be trusted.

Before taking this position, do some research into the company in question. You'll quickly learn that morale is very low at this place. You're better off waiting for a better situation. A sensitive person like you should seek employment at places that are famous for treating its staff well. The Full Moon on the 17th brings a stressful domestic matter to a head. You're no longer willing to tolerate a relative or roommate's outrageous behaviour. Instead of continuing to subject yourself to this toxic situation, make a fresh start.

You have more control over your destiny than you realise.

The secret to your success is adopting a positive attitude. When you believe in yourself, you can move mountains. The New Moon on the 3rd forces you to learn complicated concepts in a short period of time. You're fighting the clock; there is not much room for error.

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Studying with a quirky teacher will be daunting. You'll start questioning your intelligence when you're working with this genius. There is no time for self-doubt. Gemini May 21 - Jun You will manage to nip a medical problem in the bud and save yourself from problems. Getting careless with money is possible and may make you waste it on dubious schemes. Be clear of your objective on the professional front, so as not to get caught on the wrong foot by higher ups.

Keeping the lines of communication open with spouse will be important to keep the relationship intact. Those on vacation may enjoy a few extra days in the salubrious environment. Those looking for a house on rent or purchase will find it difficult to make up their minds. Pending work on the academic front may take a lot of your time, but complete it you will! Lover's suggestion for spending time outdoors must be considered positively. Lucky Number: 3.

Cancer Jun 22 - Jul It may become difficult for some to kick a bad habit affecting their health. Think twice before going in for a heavy investment, as money once invested may not be returned till maturity. A task assigned to you at work will be to your liking, but you may get little time to complete it. A family get-together will prove most entertaining and give a chance to meet distant relatives you had not seen for ages.

If you are not authorised to drive, it is best not to sit behind the wheel. Renovation or construction can be taken up by some. Spending a few leisurely hours with friends and associates is possible. Fun time can be expected on the romantic front, as lover seems to be in a romantic mood! Lucky Number: 6. Leo Jul 23 - Aug A visit to an exciting event may keep you in an excited state today.

A good offer on the property front is foreseen. Your preparation will be adequate for acing a competition or exam on the academic front. Those hoping for a passionate evening with partner may have to take the initiative to make it happen. Lucky Number: 1. Virgo Aug 24 - Sep Diet and exercise will prove an effective combination in bringing you back in shape.

Good earning opportunities may come your way to make you more financially secure. A challenging assignment may come to you on the professional front. Achievements of a family youngster may make you proud. Remain alert while visiting isolated places and never do so alone. Property dealers are likely to make a killing. Influencing someone to turn things in your favour may meet with mixed success. A chance to spend sometime in solitude with lover may materialize today. Lucky Number: 5. Libra Sep 24 - Oct On the fitness front, your efforts of coming back in shape succeed.

Curb wasteful expenditure, as it may eat into your savings. Job seekers may get some good openings. The day appears enjoyable, as you get to spend it with friends and relatives. Travelling to attend an important event is indicated. It is a good day to buy a vehicle or a major item. Things may not be hunky-dory on the academic front, so start putting in more efforts. On the romantic front, an opposite number may hold your interest, but it will take efforts to make it blossom into something meaningful.

Lucky Number: 2. Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov Virgo is a sign that. Libra Daily Horoscope. Libra Weekly Horoscope. How are you coping with your thoughts? Does meditation quell the tide? What about yoga? Remember that we have ultimate control over our thoughts. Libra Monthly Horoscope. You begin this month with a degree of mental tension, which is completely natural for an air sign such as yourself. You are a cerebral creature and li.

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daily news horoscope monthly Daily news horoscope monthly
daily news horoscope monthly Daily news horoscope monthly
daily news horoscope monthly Daily news horoscope monthly
daily news horoscope monthly Daily news horoscope monthly
daily news horoscope monthly Daily news horoscope monthly

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