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Important Astrology Experiment

But then again, Are You Dave Gorman? HSX wrote:.

Dave Gorman - Part of the Astrology experiment

The googlewhack DVD is good. The outtakes are possibly the reason we won't see any other shows though I don't know for definite we won't, just have that feeling. Glen Posts: 12, Forum Member.

Important Astrology Experiment

He should do a bit more telly. I know he has a radio show coming up, i just dont think hes going to do any stand up for a while which is a pity I saw him in edinburgh doing Googlewhack and itwas honestly one of the best things i have ever seen. Glen wrote:. System Posts: 2,, Forum Member. He's recording a Radio 4 programme, Genius, tonight in Islington. We've tickets.. If I've missed the point just slap me. Consider myelf slapped.

Dave Gorman's Important Astrology Experiment - Lindaland

This documentary-style show came into its own in 's Are You Dave Gorman? Are You Dave Gorman? His second TV series, also broadcast on BBC Two, was Dave Gorman's Important Astrology Experiment, a cod-scientific test to see if he could improve his love, health, and wealth over six episodes if he followed his horoscopes. His twin brother Nick, completely ignored the astrologers, so acted as a control. In , he embarked on another bizarre quest; this time tracking down people responsible for Googlewhacks - web pages that contain a unique pairing of words, so they are the only result returned when you type the phrase into the search engine.

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I hope he finds some more I was offered walk-on parts in all sorts of stuff where the basic premise always seemed to be the same: I turn up at the door, ask if there's anyone called Dave Gorman there and then leave when they tell me there isn't. I hated it all and said no to everything.

DVD Review: Are You Dave Gorman?

I think if I'd done it I would have been selling a cartoonish version of myself, sort of like when a David Dickinson character suddenly bubbles up to the surface for a year or two and makes a fortune running around the world saying 'Cheap as chips! It's bound to exhaust itself isn't it?

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Isn't it? I mean it's obvious that it's just a facade. The whole point about the show was that it was a true story so carrying on with it after it was over in some weird fake way would only serve to undo the whole thing in time.

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  7. Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure!
  8. Maybe I'd be living in a bigger house right now if I'd taken the shilling and sold that version of myself to the world but I doubt I'd be very happy and I doubt I'd be very employable either. You could hardly convince an audience you had another true story to tell them if you'd spent two or three years obviously pretending to be something you're not.

    Dave Gorman's Important Astrology Experiment - S1.E2 - Part 2

    Looking back I think the pressure was really on the Googlewhack Adventure show to compete with it in some way. As both a stageshow and a book it was more successful in any measurable way so I guess it did compete - as well as directly railing against the perception of me as one of those shudder wacky-bet-guys.

    Surely not.

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