Cancer weekly horoscope october 15

You could act surreptitiously and face the consequences too. You also go looking for a guru and take recourse to yantra, tantra and mantra. There are expenses and family time, ill health and remission, generation, rejuvenation and eccentricities. Virgo: You are fascinated by every vista of life that opens before your eyes.

There are surprises and upsets. Plans may go away, and you will have to move like water. If you are rigid, you are stuck. In this phase you may embark on one course of action and then move on to something completely different. You are the lichen riding the ocean waves.

Relationships are the prime focus now. You look for reliable, stable partners. Those in long — term relationships go about sorting out issues that may have caused possible rifts. You can be objective and you understand the realities of life. You do not make unrealistic demands and just expect partners to live up to their obligations.

There is steadiness and sobriety in all your exchanges.

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Scorpio: You make money and spend it. There are many new investments, holiday plans and new deals in the offing. You are a mover and shaker, filled with zest, zeal and energy. There are love and longing, fun, festivities, joyous moments and family reunions. Children bring happiness. There could also be an addition to the family. Sagittarius: This is a great period for physical activity, as your energies are high. You are filled with hope, joy and bonhomie. You are strong, vigorous, hard — working and determined. Your exuberance is contagious, and it draws everyone around you in its sweep.

You are not foolishly overconfident. You watch your step and take calculated risks. You live and love large. Success crowns you without a doubt.

Cancer weekly horoscope - 7 Oct 12222, Monday - 13 Oct 12222, Sunday

Capricorn: There is travel on the cards. It may be time for a foreign holiday. You also look seriously at spirituality and go searching for a guru. Certain queries may never be answered but ask you must. New vistas open and someone from a different culture may make a lasting impression on you. Aquarius: You take a break from the rush of life and meet with your buddies at cafes and over dinners and movies. You visit art galleries and attend poetry readings and private screenings of offbeat cinema. If you are artistically inclined, you find time for your creative urges.

You take off into the woods and frolic with rabbits and foxes.

Welcome to the last week of Libra season!

You have been there and done that. And the winner of the rat race remains a rat. You got this!

And on that note, get out of your shell a little more this week. Yes, Netflix and takeout are divine, but even more fun with a friend!

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Extending invites is key this week. But while lions are all about taking action, the cosmos say that examining all options are key. You may overlook an issue in your haste to make something happen. Virgo Finances, fun? Ride that wave. Set up that meeting. Make the first move to arrange a date. Bring up that hard conversation. The more you work this week, the more the week will give back to you.

Weekly Horoscopes by Madame Clairevoyant — Week of Oct. 15

Overall, this attitude shift is helping you manifest latent desires and get things done. Addressing some past issues, insecurities, or concerns will only make you more unstoppable. Sagittarius Sweet dreams, Sags! Pay attention to those clues—they can give you a powerful and accurate road map for next steps you need to take.

With the new moon in your social sector, make sure to go out, meet new people, and say yes to events you may not have in the past. Work it! You tend to be serious and introspective, but this is a great week to give in to whimsy. Try something new. Say yes to a lunch away from your desk.

Cancer weekly horoscope october 15
Cancer weekly horoscope october 15
Cancer weekly horoscope october 15
Cancer weekly horoscope october 15
Cancer weekly horoscope october 15
Cancer weekly horoscope october 15
Cancer weekly horoscope october 15

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