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Detailed Description. The growing use of personal data and AI systems can pose ethical risks that are difficult to predict and understand. Telia Company is a founding partner of the new AI Sustainability Center in Stockholm which will address the scaling of AI in broader ethical and societal contexts. Telia Finland in short. Telia is a new generation telco, international and locally strong. We help to create new kinds of connections and want to bring you, your company and your community closer to. Posted by robertpriddy on December 1, This idea is the mechanism of denial used by devotees — that Sai Baba is only what we imagine him to be.

Posted by robertpriddy on November 30, One might ask whether the discredited Union Minister of Home Affairs, Shivraj Patil, — who believes in the self-proclaimed Omniscient Sathya Sai Baba — was lulled into inaction and failed to take any possible attacks or bombs seriously because of the assurances of Sai Baba? No wonder the Indian populace want to see the back of these incompetants! Let us hope that there are others who can do the job better and save ordinary Indians from such horrific massacres.

In a classic case of almost instant failure of prophesy, Sathya Sai Baba stated only a week ago in his discourse What an ill-considered uninformed remark — that the US and Germany etc. Besides, the populations there and throughout Europe eat far better than in India in any case and they have far more leisure to sleep than million Indians. They also know they have far superior security from terrorism than Indians. Perhaps they will soon remove it too… when they realise that their blind belief has played them foul?

As to there never being any fear of bombs in India, that is a massive mistake! So far out of touch is Sathya Sai Baba, surrounded by his gunmen and guards in his fortress ashram. Shivraj Patil and his forerunners have presided over a long series of bomb attacks and terrible massacres of Hindus and Muslims by each other. The fear is tangible in many places, especially in Mumbai these days, of course.

There is nothing remarkable in Sathya Sai Baba making failed prophesies and predictions — he is constantly doing it! There is a regular cornucopia of false predictions, broken promises, and absurd claims of his importance to the world. See here. At last, this worshipper and top home affairs protector of Sathya Sai Baba has met his Waterloo and had to resign!

This discredited Minister has also been involved in the security situation at Prashanthi Nilayam, where massive precautions have been taken for many years to protect Sathya Sai Baba, who nonetheless has claimed that all the world love him! The following news report demonstrates this Shivraj Patil takes darshan of Satya Sai Baba. Suggests additional security at Puttaparthi. He later spoke at a meeting with security and police officials on the security situation in Puttaparthi. Sources say that the Minister has suggested that the Sevadal volunteers need to be trained in the area of security too.

He also suggested the acquisition of modern communication system and that the security forces have to consider special vigil in the wake of possible threat from LTTE. Puttaparthi is the place where one can have the darshan of Satya Sai Baba. Lakhs of devotees visit the region every month. The number also includes foreigners who visit the region in large numbers. The recent specious deaths of foreigners have brought questions about security to limelight.

Home Minister Shivraj Patil, under tremendous criticism over a spate of terrorist attacks in the country since last year, resigned on Sunday in the wake of the Mumbai Terror strikes. Patil, who has been in public life for over four decades, was brought into the Manmohan Singh Cabinet as he was considered a complete Gandhi loyalist and Sonia Gandhi had turned down repeated demands for his ouster from the government.

Patil was also one of the serious candidates of the Congress for the post of the President last year after the tenure of A P J Abdul Kalam got over. But, the Left parties, which were supporting the Government from outside, had put their foot down on such a proposal. Addressing a late night press conference in Bangalore on Saturday, after reviewing the law and order situation, the Union Home Minister said the centre would extend all possible assistance to the State. Patil was in Bangalore to review the law and order situation and earlier in the day he had gone to Puttaparti to take the blessings of the Sathya Sai Baba.

He also held two-hour discussion with the State Home Minister, Dr. Acharya, and Governor Rameshwar Thakur. This tome on the Bhagawad Gita was written by him and was made available in English, Hindi, Marathi and other languages. Bhagawan asked Prof Anil Kumar to announce the details of the book and then Sri Shivraj Patil was asked to address the gathering. In his short speech, Sri Patil thanked Bhagawan for inspiring the book. The Union Home Minister arrived at the spiritual village from Bangalore at The Union Minister closeted with the district authorities for over 15 minutes.

He is reported to have inquired about the situation in the district. Patil went to meet the Baba at 2. The cover-ups by Union Home Ministers — from S. Posted by robertpriddy on November 26, Be warned and forearmed — murders, deaths, mortal accidents, illnesses, suicides at Sai ashrams. There are serious hazards in visiting Sathya Sai Baba ashrams which are never explained to visitors. The number of covered-up incidents is obviously unknown, but those which have leaked out make clear that many foreign devotees have died in Prashanthi Nilayam and Brindavan, others have disappeared, others have died in accidents which have also been hushed up and the facts buried.

There has certainly been a much larger number of deaths than is generally known. No records of any kind are kept or made available in any way, let alone to the public, by the ashrams. Added to this, of course, are the usual hazards of many serious vehicle accidents — which have affected numerous devotees, including even major donors to Sai Baba such as Mrs. There have been deaths from other ashram accidents too. John Brown Hebel 45 and Mrs. Air Bonnie Lynni Mainaric 43 , of San Francisco and also year old Michael Oliver, who suffered nine fractures and internal injuries.

I spoke to him after the accident — he went through 11 hours more terrible suffering in a taxi to Bangalore. The entire matter was hushed up immediately, with the support of Jack Hawley a Sai Baba true believer The parents of a daughter — Bonny, who was killed outright — received no proper explanation, nor even an offer of compensation. I attended their cremation at the Chitravati river bank. Crowding a serious danger at Prashanthi Nilayam. However, some former devotees have informed me that one US lady was killed in this way, and there was no way that the facts could be cleared up due to powerlessness before the ashram officials in complicity with the Puttaparthi police.

This happened when the Swiss lady was murdered and on another occasion when I was present. The Charter of the organization has been sent to every country for just such suggestions! He never returned there again he has died since. Posted by robertpriddy on November 24, Sai Baba says one thing, does the opposite! In the Kulwant Hall on , Sathya Sai Baba claimed he did not like to ride on the golden chariot, it should be sold to benefit others. It still needs pointing out all the time how Sai Baba deceives people, for still after 10 years he keeps it and flaunts himself on this chariot of gold!

He said Whether you believe it or not I have no liking for such functions. Why should I be bothered with this immense burden of a Golden Chariot? I do not at anytime desire such things. Instead of this, you may spend any amount of money on social service activities. Anyone who desires such offerings cannot be divine. When the divine is immanent in everything, what is it that you can offer to the Divine?

How are you eligible to make any offering at all? Everything belongs to God. Henceforth devotees should not bring here any gold ornaments or ornamental chariots or golden chariots. It is better to sell such objects for providing drinking water to the people. Benign aspect of Guru over the fifth gave him worthy Santhanam. But due to aspect -of Kuja over the VI falling in Simha Rasi there may bo troubles at times in the heart and back.

Also eye-trouble may become prominent during the sub-period of Sun in Sukra dasa from During tho second stroke of Sadesati also in Sani dasa i. Budha significator of. What more is required for attainment of gnosis? Iho fine combination of Budha and Sukra in the IX square to its lord denotes that the Sage has travelled far visiting holy places, bathing in sacred water at the most auspicious moments like Kumbha Melam etc. It also denotes profession of a tcaoher of Vedas, Acharya, Philosopical and bhootha day a. Sixth lord in the tenth denotes regular diet, service as a Purohit, ability in Religious discourses and visiting many places.

His fame will spread over the country. It is also said that if thero is a benefic in the 8th house from the lord of the 2nd house it is known as Hari Hara Brahma Yoga. In this chart, I find Kuja lord of 2nd hon. Kethu the Moksha Knrakft is also posited in the same Drekkana. He had suffered and endured several ups and downs in his domestic life right up to the end of Sani dasa and as a result of the sufferings reaped a good fortune of high honours during Budha dasa and Kethu dasa upto the end of after which the third stroke of Sadesathi commenced.

The beginn- ing of benefiic period again in Sukra dasa will be from December What more wordly pleasures does he long after at this age? He will begin to pave the way for his spiritual attainment even during the early part of Sukra Dasa. By Sri Y. Mahalinga Sastri. Birth Rahu Dasa Garbhasishtam 6 yrs, 3 months 18 days. I shall rest content with pointing out to the reader some salient features of the horoscope which seem to justify astrologically all that is known of him.

Guru is in Trine of Budha and opposition to Sani, aspecting both. Sani in a quadrent throws his third house aspect on Budha who is in the ninth house. There is square aspect between Budha and Kuja and also trine aspect between Sukra and Kuja. There are not exactly aspects according to our Indian system, but the Q and A positions have their effect.

Chandra and Kethu are in the 6;S position to Lngna. Kuja is the Karaka planet and the Karakamsa lagna is Mithuna. It is occupied by Sukra and Sani. Guru is in the Lagna Bhava though not sufficiently near the cusp. Budha in the ninth Bhava is more lhan 10 deg- rees removed from the cusp. Their Bhavaphala is nil. The planets which are near the cusps are; a Sani in the seventh Bhava within five degrees of the cusp; b Chandra and Kethu very near the cusp of the eighth Bhava. Chandra in the grip of Rahu and Kethu.

Lagna has on both sides two malefics, Rahu and Kuja. These factors are detrimental to Kalatra Sukha. Guru and Sukra occupy Svakshetra positions Sukra occupies a very good Navarasa position is weak. The two benefics Guru and Budha occupy Trine houses. Budha himself being retrograde is very strong. The Lord of tho fifth house though occupying the eighth house and though he is in the grip of the Nodes, still Tulam is a congenial house for him and the Lord of Thulam is Svakshetra lending him his full beneficence.

Guru aspects 23 the 5th and the 9th houses. Thus mixed result must be predi- cted in regard to the Putra Bhava. Even then the Verse applies to the caso. May Sastriji live long! Parsrara Jethanand, Madras. Fundamental knowledge is always and everywhere God inspired. Every book that gives knowledge of the Univorso and its matters is to be considered as book of knowledge worthy of reve- rence. Since it is puro knowledge that is to bo revered and respected, whether it is in the Vedas or in any other book, our Scholars have to reconsider their views and concede that there are not only four Vedas but all books of knowledge are Vedas.

It is this revision of thought and views which will bring in the much needed Hindu revival, Hinduism is fundamentally based on the liberty of thought, strength of reasoning and conclusions resulting from free discus- sions. Till now like some other faiths which consider their book of scripture alone as the only book of knowledge and the only God inspired book, we have been also considering that there are only four Vedas. This is a fundamental defect which our learned Scholars must eradicate and must properly broadbase the Hindu ideas. Similarly each forms holiefs and considers truths according to his conception and thought.

The Sunday Standard, Madras. Sbasiriji is a man of great and versatile talents with many achievements to his credit. A great Vedic scholar, a great Saraa Vedachary a, a sound Astrologer, an able Pandit, a great Yngnik Karmatha and, above all a great Pravacbankarta, Shastriji has few peers. The Mail, Madras. Sivananda, Rishikesh What is the highest end of man? All are agreed that the one aim man has in all his actions is to attain happiness. The highest end of man must, therefore, be the attainment of eternal happiness. This can be had in the Self only. The pleasure that is derived from contact with objects is illusory and momentary.

It is mixed with pain, anxieties, fear and sin. Perfect security and full peace cannot be had in this world, because this is a relative plane. All objects are conditioned in time, space and causation. They are perishable. Where then can you look for full security and perfect peace?

You can find this in the immortal Self. He is an embodiment of peace. He is beyond time, space and causation. What is this universe? What is Atma or Soul or Brahman? What is the relation between the individual soul and the Supreme Soul? What is the goal? How to reach the goal of life? Whence have I come? Wither will I go? A worldly man kills himself by clinging to things unreal. That man who does not struggle to attain Self-realisation although hfc possesses knowledge of tfc.

His lot is very miserable. What grater fool is there than this man who neglects to reach the goal of life? Moksha is the highest benefit. It is obtained through the Knowledge of Self. Jnana is the benefit which one gets in the in- terval. Just as plantain fruit is the highest benefit which one gets and the leaves, etc. Jnana is only the means to attain the highest Bliss.

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To attain Jnana you must have one-poin- tedness of mind. It comes through Upasana. Upasana comes through purity of heart Chitta-Suddhi.

భార్య, భర్త మధ్య సమస్యలతో బాధపడుతున్నారా ? - BrahmaSri scartov.tki - hmtv

Chitta-Suddhi comes through 4 Nishkamya Karma-Yoga. To do Nishkamya Karma, you should have the Indriyas under control. The Indriyas can be controlled through Viveka and Vairagya. The Self or Atman is eneaused within the five sheaths. His consciousness passes from the lower to the higher planes. He realises more and more freedom and bliss of the Self. His will becomes pure, strong and irresistable. He is able to cont- rol the senses and the mind by his strong will-power is nothing but soul-force.

The one Atman appears to be many, as one sun appears to be many in various pots of water. Many suns are false. They are mere reflections only. So also the many Jivas are illusory. The one sun alone is real. Even so, one Brahman alone is real. Time is fleeting.

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The night is wasted in sleep and pleasure. The day is wasted in idle talk, amassing money and maintenance of the family. Days, months and years are rolling away. Hairs have become grey. Teeth have fallen. Yet you are attached to the perishable objects through Moha. Tell, how long will you be slaves of fleeting things of the world?

How long will you respeat the same sensual enjoyments? How long will you worship mammon? When will you find-time to meditate on the Lord and to do virtuous actions? Open your eyes now. Wake up from the deep slumber of profound inertia. Regain the lost Divinity. Thou art Divine. Thou art Truth. Thou art Soul. Realiee this and be free. The Vedas deal with the three Gunas ; Oh Arjuna! Let me expound in half a verse what has been told in a million volumes : Brahman is the only Reality : the world is a mere appearance ; the individual Self is no other than the Universal Self.

Thus rolls the wheel of the world. All this is an effect of ignorance. The remedy lies in the removal of ignorance by the wisdom of the Self which alone is the competent method. It is the light of wisdom that dispels the darkness of ignorance and its effect.

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Have self-control, tranquility, sincerity and humility. App- roach a teacher versed in the Vedas and established in Brahman, in order to know the Eternal. The teacher transmits knowledge to his disciple as a boat makes one cross a river. Sruti Scripture says that one who has a teacher can alone know Brahman, and that knowledge received from a teacher alone becomes perfect. The teacher is one who is a knower of Brahman and well established in it.

Pride, deceit, jealousy, falsehood, egotism, attach- ment and the like are nowhere to be found in him. He is un- attached to enjoyments both seen and unseen, and is an embodi- ment of renunciation and realization. Brahman by realization of the non- difference between the individual Self and the Supreme One. Ramaswami Sastri, B. The highest concept of Hinduism is that of intuitive vMon of God followed by communion with God, followed by union with God. They are not based on mere blind faith but are based on inner realisations. The Vedas contain not mere theological speculations hut the blissful experiences of spiritual life.

Tho Vedas seem to propound polytheism. Max Muller called tho Vcdic teaching as mono-theism or Knthenotheisni, as he was puwUd by tho Vedas calling each God as the highest. But the Purudia Sookta expressly says M r? Tho Third declaration is that Ho Ins become the world, is immanent in it and transcends it. The other religions nl-o dc-cribo Him us tho Creator of the world. If we add to it immanence and trans- cendence. There is no we-b-m philosophical term to describe such n view.

TTO and g? Tiie toul is eternal, U eternally free, and eternally Mw-ful. The jlamo in one though tho fuel may be different. The Katha Upanishad says srPRit snfa One who has not desisted from sin, who has not attained peace, and tranquillity and equipoise of mind, cannot bohold God, We can attain Him on through spiritual knowledgo. That is why Nishkama Karma - action done in a spirit of dotachmont and devotion is indispensable.

Thus Nishkama Karma is tho basement on which alone the palace of spiritual bliss can bo built. A sixth vital declaration is that tho pure mind must bo sharpened by Dhyana Yoglo introspection and meditation and concentration. It U by such introspective concentrated, conti- nuous meditation - which is like Taila-Dhara continuous flow of oil that the inner spiritual oyo opens and we bohold God. That is the real Jnana. Book-learning is only verbal dialectic and is cold and unconvincing whereas real Jnana is incandescent and carries conviction with it. A seventh declaration is that the pure and concentrated mind must be refined and sublimated by tho love of all living beings.

The love of man daya and the love of God Bhakti must go together. The Gita declares that the Yogi who loves all and who treats their joys and sorrows as his own is tho highest Yogi. Sri Sankaracharya says in his commentary on the Brahma Sutras that it will give spiritual faculties gunadhana and remove spiritual defects doshaparayana. The Acharas may bo expan- ded or contracted by the spiritual leaders but have a definite place in the life spiritual. Hindu tradition asserts that the Vedas have been in existence since the beginning of creation and that they alone will continue to live along with the Supreme Lord, after the Cosmic destruction.

At the beginning of each cosmic creation, the sages, in their deep medi- tation, hear the 6ame Veda that had been there in the previous creat- ion. So the Vedic Seers cannot be said to be the authors of the Vedas, which are eternal. Modern historians have enunciated wonderful stories about the origin of the Vedas. They say that the Aryans came from out side India about B. It is a historical superstition of the highest magnitude that the Aryans came from outside India. This belief of the western historians has been elevated to the rank of historical theory and is passing for an accepted historical fact in our text-books on Indian History.

Early Europeans scholars who were not vitiated by Imperialistic motives but were liberal enough to extol the cultural eminence of the subject nation, freely declared that India was the cradle of the Aryans.

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Among such honest scholars mention may be made of Curzon and Issac. Now the Vernal equinox is in Purvabhadra. The movement of the equinox is backwards and the equinox takes about one thousand years to move from star to star. So the precession of the equinox from Mrigasirsha to Purvabhadra through seven stars takes place over a period of about years. The fixing of the dato of the Vedic hymns, through this process keeps the door open to us to push back the Vedic age through mellenia of years. It is as follows : The equinox must have rotated over the 27 stars numberless times and each revolution must have taken 27 thousand years.

Lokamanya Tilak was very modest in assuming that the reference in the Rig Veda is to the latest rotation. N standihg for the unknown number of rotations. This is as good as saying that the Vedas are eternal. Das has pointed out certain references to a southern sea in Rig Veda and has proved, on geological grounds, that a sea, south of the Sapta Sindhu, must have existed 20 thousand years back and not later than that period. So, says he, those portions of the Rig Veda were there are references to the southern sea must have been composed twenty-thousands years back. There are numerous other pieces of research which establish the remote antiquity of the Vedas and yet the baseless historical superstition that the Aryans entered India in B.

Even Max Muller says that any body of any country who cares for his ancestors and wants to know ancient history must look to the Vedas. Everything good in India, of which our nation is proud, is traceable to the Vedas. We are proud of the Code of Manu, and Manu says that his Smriti is only an exposition of the message of the Vedas. So do the authors of other Smritis say. The Puranas too are amplificatons of the message of the Vedas. The mystic power of the Vedic syllables, is the life-giving force of the ritualistic and ceremonious aspects of Hindu religion.

Annie Besant, the Irish lady of international raputo, has dec- lared that modernism should not stand in the way of our accepting the mystic power attached to the utterance of vedic hymns. There are about Pandits, who know the whole of Taittreya Samhita, Brahmana and Upanishads, by heart with correct Swara. Four hundred of these know tho Pada and Krama pathas ; Jata- pathis or Ghanapathis are a little above a score in number. The Kshatriyas and some Vaisyas also have their karmas performed with vedic mantras by Brahmin priests. There is dearth of Brahmin priests with sufficient vpdic lore.

For more than a century, there has been no Atharva Veda in Andhra Desha. Four students are now studying Atharva Veda under him at Iragavaram. However, some efforts are being made by individuals and Parishats to do something to preserve the price- less treasure. Ignorant fool I why trouble yourself with medicines? Drink the elixir of Krishna which rids you of all diseases.

Siddhanta affirms the truth of the Vedas; Saiva or Vaishnava Siddhanta has common bases. Here we are going to see the basic princieples of the Saiva Siddhanta as it has been developed by the Rishis of South India. Meikandar was such a dedicated soul who lived, moved and had his being in Siva-Consciousness.

He passed his early life in silent inner communion. Divinity glowed through his silence. The Himalayan St. Paranjyoti on his , way to see Agastya met this divine child, awakened knowledge by a touch of Grace and taught it Sivajnam and the- secrets of its sadhana. It is beleieved that Lord Dakshinamurty, sitting under the holy banian, revealed this know- ledge of Siva to Sanaka, Sanadana, Sanatana and Sanatkumara.

It was also revealed to Nandideva who handed it down to seers like Paranjyoti. Meikandar or Satya Dharsi was the last to have it and it was he who gave it to humanity. The hearts of mankind opened by his advent. The aroma of Siva-Consciousness spread awide; the ancient Vedic bees.

Sakshi Sri Aurobindo Kapali Shastri Institute Of Vedic Culture

Aspiring seekers drank the honey of wisdom. Adorations to the Seer of Truth Light.

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He translated them in twelve terse sutras of 41 ,. He opened his mouth to expound them to the world. The halo of his life and personality, his inspired voiee and irrefutable logic attracted to his feet eminent scholars like Arul Nandi Sivacharya. The erudite scholar Arul Nandi surrendered to the realised saint Meikandar, and received from him Siva - Jnana - Bodham on which he wrote an elaborate poetic commentary. That is known as Siva Jnana Siddhiar.

He also wrote a took in praise of his teacher. There are fourteen works in all based upon the teachings of St. Meikanda in his Sivajnana Bodham. These works were written in 12th and 13th centuries. They show the ways and means for the atonement of the limited human soul with the Infinite Divine Bliss, otherwise called Sivam.

But he treads the path of bondage and misery. Mere materialism and epicurianism do not answer the riddle of existence. The prag- matic intellect feels non-plussed before the psychological problems of life. Even philosophies and religions have not given man the peace he seeks through ages. The religions of Charvak, Jaina, Buddha, monism of Shankara, dualism of Madhva and quali- " fled monism of Ramanuja have influenced a few ; but have not yet stopped religious bickerings.

The blood prints of religion have made man retrace from it. Man to day plays with science a double game of construction and destruction. Science builds up life to day but atom bombs it tomorrow. I have just returned from a tour in European countries ; I saw there marvels of scientific pragmatism and material hedonism.

Life is like a camp of enemies in the battle-field of vital egoism and mutual hatred. Politics has led nations to mutual butchery. Nations linked by the wireless are cheerless. They are far from being fearless. Political leaders and prophets come and go ; but the stage is still in the possession of savage forces. Saviours have come and gone ; but humanity is still rambling in the labyrinth of infernal miseries. The hot spring of life is lost in the desert sands of materi- al glamour.

Feverish activities, busy markets, factory smokes, mere! Is this life? Is there redemption? Is there hope? What is man? What is his destiny? Who lives the life? What for? What is -world? Who creates it and how and why? How to escape the turmoils of life and fears of death? How to attain the bliss of freedom? It is to liquidate ignorance. Why are there different kinds of souls? They indicate varieties of actions and their results. Why does Ho wipo off lives? To lay at rest the souls. What is the meaning of reincarnation? It is preservation of tho chain of creation. What is the meaning of entering into Bliss?

W hy all these acts are done by the Infinite and how? All is their play. Come collectively, 0 humanity ; seek love and surrender. Como all collectively ; have good cheer ; away with fear and false- hood I Tho Divine Bliss overflows everywhere. Realise life as the play of the Unique One, dancing in the heart of beings. Follow tho path of His Bliss and Peace. All other paths delude you. How to do it? Two ancient books of knowledge show the way to the God- ward elan of tho human soul enmeshed in the mental-vital tangle. One is tho Veda and the other Agnmo.

Both are God-inspired books. Veda is like the cow and Agama like milk. One shows the path ; the other shows light and leads. Veda is the fountainhead of reli- gions and Agama is its flowing stream. Their words are creative intuitions and soul experiences of tho Sons of light. They are sparks of infinite blhs. That is the Pure immortal Purusha, the all blissful Siva-Purushors- taratma sada jannnnm hridaye sannivishtaha ; tam vidyat eukrnm ararutam.

The universe is His omnipresence ; one should meditate upon His Pure Grace- Light which impells tho intellect towards Divine Consciousness, towards Supreme beatitude. This is the central idea of the Vedas. TTpanishads are the brain of the Vedas. They form the crown of the Vedio Knowledge. Egoism, vital-passions, mental-desires and forces of darkness impede and stamped the upward journey of the soul even like Vritra Vala and Namuchi who are hostile forces who stand on the way of Vedic godheads, Indra, Agni, Vayu, Athiti etc. The mind - bound soul has to undergo a long process of purification, devotion and dedi- cation before it takes a rebirth in the Divine Consciousness.

Agama accomplishes this even like a tender Mother. Siddhanta is the crown of the Agamas just as Vedanta is the Crown of the Vedas. Siddhanta is the about - turn of Vedanta? He revealed through Her a Yoga and a light of knowledge by which men and women can attain Bliss and Energy by self-puri- fication, and descent of the Divine Grace-Light.

That revelation is called Agama Siddhanta which lays down graded sadhanas for the perfection of the human soul. It is an encyclopaedic science of Divine Life, followed by all temple worships from Cape to Kailas. A galaxy of writers in Sanskrit and Tamil have contributed to its voluminous library, besides inspired seer poets. There are twenty- eight works on Agama and Rourava is one of them. We come across in this Rouravagama twelve verses condensing the spirit of Saiva Siddhanta.

Life is an evolution of the soul from humanity to divinity, from Jivahood to Sivahood. The divided mentality is fed with, I and mine consciousness, desire and results of acts, otherwise called mala or tarnish. Theore has to pass through the furnace of ardent devotion and surrender to be pure enough for the desoent of the Divine Grace which alone can transform it into pure gold. This 17 gold has again to bo polished before it can become a shining jewel of divinity. Vedanta by the methods of Sravana, Manana, Nidhi- tyasa, Viveka and Vichara, by self re-analysis and self reflection and self-finding ends in self-immersion to the negation of life in the non-self matter.

Siddhanta is a strongly synthetic philosophy which includes all that is best in the Veda Agama, Nigama and Tantra Sastras. From atheism to theism, from rank mate- rialism to absolute monism, it considers all religions and philoso- phies as so many gradations of human evolution. All moralistic religions like Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Zorastrianism and Hebrewism are measured by the two fold disciplines of Siddha- nta - Charya and Kriya.

Siddhanta does not allow ascetic refusal not pragmaic denial. It takes a middle path first and utilises the aperail of matter, the maya danu as a means of self purification. It does not take a sudden jump into life extinction. It takes every part of life, Bcrutinises each corner of the being and perfects it inch by inch. It lags behind no modern philosophy which treats of monads, atoms, evolution and elan vital. It is the pure Advaita Suddhadvaita which unites the pure soul to the Pure Sivam even like juice and fruit, like vowels and consonents, like fire and red hot iron, like salt and water.

It does not deny the objective reality. It embracos both objective and subjective, matter and spirit. Contrary to Vedanta, Siddhanta considers Maya as a creative and illumi- native force o'f the Divine Grace. It throws light upon the cosmic riddle and explains the play of the Divine Grace in the Universe of beings. It faces Nature and raises the lower to the higher. Its complex discipline begins with morality and devotion, traverses the field of Yoga or inner communion and leads the soul to the know- ledge and awareness of Siva, the Blissful Divine.

It is equal visio- ned ; it regards all humanity as one family under one heaven undergoing different stages of evolution. Its grace is for all for Nanda the harijan, Kannappan the hunter, Nilakanta the potter, Karaikal Ammaiyar the Vaisya, Mangayarkarasi the queen, Appar the Vellala, Sambanda the Adi Saiva, Sundara the ' Brah- min, Maniccavachaka the minister and Anabaya the king; for through all these run one eternal stream of Divine Bliss. The New Yoga and the Superman. By Venkataramana Rao, B. This Upanishadic sutra reveals the nature of Brahman in an exquisite manner.

From the Infinite one, proceeds the Infinite one, on taking the Infinite from the Infinite one, there is left Infinity. The ancient risliis held that Brahman pervades the whole Universe, Brahma mayam jagat. Man occupies the highest place in the creation of this universe He has evolved into an entity wherein according to progressive evolution he has to manifest in the world all the qualities and attri- butes that we speak of in trying to conceive Brahman or God. The human monad has all the potentialities to evolve into a superman in the course of evolution.

The superman evolving further should become a God-head belonging not to one nationality, country or reli- gion but should satisfy all religions and all peoples of the world. The relation of the self to the physical body and their co-ordi- nation and interaction should be known thoroughly. The medium connecting the physical to the self should be created, thus forming a bridge between matter and spirit.

There is an inmost centre in man — the eye of the inner vision — through which God can be seen despite the fact that one has a body of flesh. The effort of man should be to uplift the veil that shields the seen and the unseen. The subjective and the objective should be 60 blended together that the gap between them no longer exists. This gap between the subjective and the objective may be called ignorance.

The universal spirit or soul is the state of pure knowledge. Hence ignorance is not an attribute of the soul and liberation from it is possible. So the soul can reach its highest stale equal to tho universal soul and realize as the soul of all being in its own inherent nature. If any difference, however little, is attributed to the individual soul, the state of ignorance is the direct consequence of it. But ignorance is not a true characteristic of the universal soul. If it were so a full manifestation of the universal soul as God-head or an avatar would not be possible during the natural process of evolution.

And evolution is a gradual process, the effect of it through ages is to increase knowledge and dispel ignorance. The grosser matter should be reduced to finer states. There is no retrogression either in the process of evolution.

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