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The Sagittarius Woman: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

This sign rules the House of Philosophy, and the Sagittarius woman seeks the truth in all circumstances. She explores every man, woman, and child profoundly and topics of conversation can run the gamut from politics to religion to sexual preferences. Nothing is off limits or taboo in her search for The Answer To Everything. She is versatile and exceedingly charming and enjoys every experience that comes her way. Sagittarians are usually candid and independent, an alluring combination to many.

Recognized as the seeker of truth, the Sagittarius woman wants to discover what life is really all about. Everything fascinates this open-minded woman, especially new and controversial areas in religion, morality, and philosophy. Confidently optimistic, the Sagittarius woman looks forward to seeing what comes of each new day. Travel, work, or play, this lady looks for adventure and increased knowledge in everything she does. Love is one of the eternal mysteries to our Archer woman. Therefore, it is also, at one and the same time, both her most longed-for prize and most hidden treasure.

She wants a partner who is a mental and physical equal, someone who can explain the mystery of life and love to her. She often fears intimacy, and for her, love often blossoms naturally from friendships. A Sagittarius woman in love is honest and trustworthy. She plays by the rules and even when completely smitten, seems to be able to maintain a very attractive independence, which only serves to enhance her charm. The Sagittarius woman loves companionship and wants a friend and partner who can share her love for truth and knowledge.

The Sagittarius Woman

Relationships with her are often active and spirited, filled with strange and faraway journeys, both metaphorical and literal. She is enthusiastic about all new things and her partner must be well-read and well-travelled.

This is necessary in order to keep up with her on philosophy, the world, exotic lands, and exciting discoveries. Intellectual and adventurous, the Archer loves to hang out with her comrades-in-arms. She is often the court jester, with an outlandish sense of fun and a love of madcap fancies.

This, coupled with their knowledge of culture, philosophy, and travel, make her a much sought after conversationalist. If you ever want your world expanded, talk to your Sagittarian friend. Completely impartial, her friendships come from all walks of life and are made up of people of all nationalities and cultures. A Sagittarius woman scorches in the bedroom, as befits a Fire sign. My, oh my, is she fiery!

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She approaches sex as pure physicality, not from an emotional or practical standpoint. Self-assured and confident, she is a sensual animal and her sense of adventure usually means your Sagittarius lover is up for anything, at any time! In line with her approach with the rest of life, Sagittarian women enjoy a variety of physical experiences, so a lover who is both artistic and creative would suit them best.

Any person who wants to win their respect in the bedroom will have to be both bold and brainy. Always slaking her thirst for knowledge, the Sagittarian woman can be a little Dora the Explorer when it comes to fashion. Natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and linen suit her best.

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  6. She loves colorful maxi skirts, loose jeans, and sportswear. Minimal makeup and seldom any jewelry, as adornment merely gets in the way of letting others discover her true nature. Simple, bohemian and unassuming, the Sagittarian fashion sense is a breath of fresh air. For the Sagittarian woman, boutiques and fashion stores pale into insignificance beside the powerful attractions of the army surplus store. New York Fashion Week is for airheads. What she wants is to kit out for a trek to the Himalayas.

    Sagittarius Woman Compatibility With Men From Other Zodiac Signs (In Pictures)

    The Sagittarian woman is born lusting after faraway places, not Manolo Blahniks. Even if she does succumb to gorgeous shoes, they will take second place to her hiking boots. She loves a good party, but she might leave halfway through to catch a plane. She loves to shop, but her mall is the marketplace in Marrakesh. Fashion is anathema. To slavishly wear what everyone else is wearing is as foreign to her nature as buying chintzy furniture.

    She likes pieces she has picked up on her travels — a quilted jacket from Beijing, an embroidered skirt from Turkey, or something that just looks amazing from a backstreet boutique in Paris. Libra might be especially drawn to Aries, and the good news is, they are actually a compatible team, astrologer Valerie Mesa tells Bustle. Leo and Sagittarius are also into Aries. Scorpio might be inclined towards chatting Taurus up at the bar. As Taurus is more sensual and stable, it's an interesting contrast to Scorpio's more sexual, dominant nature, says Mesa. Runner ups? Cancer and Virgo.

    The bull stands right behind Virgo's routine," says Mesa. Seems odd, as these signs are polar opposites , but Sagittarius might be super interested in Gemini's nature. Pisces is headed your way Cancer, so be ready.

    So, they can actually make a good team, in the long run. Aries in particular is feeling Leo's vibes and might be interested in getting to know Leo on a deeper level, says Mesa. Aquarius and Sagittarius are also most interested in Leo's traits, as well. Plus, you'll enjoy the attention. According to Mesa, Scorpio is looking for you, Virgo. And, it's actually a good match, so that initial attraction might work out well.

    Other signs: Pisces and Capricorn are also feeling you. Aries is also most interested in you Libra, so there's no denying the compatibility aspect there. Other signs that like Libra? Gemini and Taurus. Virgo is also most interested in Scorpio, making their match a win-win. And, Scorpio has a bunch of other signs seeking attention. Taurus and Cancer are also fascinated by Scorpio's nature. Good news Sag, Gemini is also invested in getting to know you, as there's a natural attraction on both sides. So, it might be worth exploring a bit and giving the relationship a shot.

    Basically as Gemini is the sign of twins, there's that fun, mystical side that is interested in Sagittarius' spontaneous and playful nature, Mesa says. Other signs attracted to Sagittarius: Aries and Leo.

    Gemini and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

    Taurus is looking your way, Cap. As Taurus values stability and money, Capricorn's determination and work ethic can really appeal to Taurus, says Mesa. Other signs that are drawn to Capricorn?

    most compatible signs for sagittarius female Most compatible signs for sagittarius female
    most compatible signs for sagittarius female Most compatible signs for sagittarius female
    most compatible signs for sagittarius female Most compatible signs for sagittarius female
    most compatible signs for sagittarius female Most compatible signs for sagittarius female
    most compatible signs for sagittarius female Most compatible signs for sagittarius female

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