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This moon invites us deep within to discover there the entire universe and know our self as a microcosm of the macrocosm — a thread woven through time and space by the unfolding of life in, through and around us. This moon prepares us to ignite, at the black moon, the sparks of creativity, wisdom, patience, fortitude and commitment which fuel the engine of a life fulfilled. A much-anticipated new start may fast lose its shine leaving us discouraged and disoriented. The first of the two new moons is simply paving the way for the real fresh start at the black moon itself, highlighting where final adjustments may be needed and plans require a final review.

We then have a month to instigate any necessary alterations before the black moon arrives and a new phase is born. Whether we sense the coming change as a gentle breeze or a mighty storm, this initial new moon encourages us to embrace the approaching unknown, allowing it to trickle or flood through our life as it must and will.

We are on the brink of profound change and commitments made now will be potentised a month later by the black moon. It can be especially difficult to open our heart to unwanted change: the end of a relationship, the loss of a job or a much-loved home, illness, death… So many things impose themselves against our will. If this is our lot at the beginning of a black moon cycle we can best use the energy of the first moon to invite faith, courage and hope into our lives, even as they feel so far from us. Simply dragging ourselves out of bed to face another lonely day may be the most courageous act in our lives.

Understanding Lilith and her significance in astrology

Likewise, boundless faith is not required to be faithful: merely trusting that the next breath will come, the next heart-beat, can be an act of faith when all hope is lost. And hope is not about Pollyanna happiness and positive thinking but a recognition that life moves in cycles, fluctuating within them as it goes. Everything changes, no matter how stuck and intransigent things may feel. At such times, hope simply whispers a quiet reassurance that nothing remains the same.

Even the darkest, longest night eventually turns to day. Once the black moon arrives, a shift in the fabric of the universe is underway, often manifesting as a new life theme that develops and matures across the coming two to three years. We may meet new people or drift from old ones.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

What once seemed so important to our well-being loses its appeal and we find deep inner shifts reflected in changes we once could never have contemplated. Each black moon occurs in the same zodiac sign as the new moon that precedes it and its themes are largely dictated by the qualities of that sign.

This black moon was also a total solar eclipse , giving it even greater power. It was a VERY important and influential moon!

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The black moon and solar eclipse occured in the sign of Leo , highlighting the following issues for our reflection:. The affairs of the house or houses in question will be of great importance during the month framed by these moons. And the house of the black moon specifically shows where in your life its themes will develop in the following two to three years.

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As a backdrop to this, the house in your chart ruled by the moon that is the house with Cancer on its cusp or contained entirely within it , reveals another key area of burgeoning growth. Furthermore, the expression of any planets within the zodiac sign in question will be both tested and amplified during the month between the two moons, revealing some of their most potent issues which will then be worked out more deeply in the ensuing two to three years.

Likewise, planets aspected by the moon as it journeys from its first point of newness to its second will be triggered and potentised by the energy of a black moon cycle. This may result in some challenging moments for sure, but within those challenges profound insights await revelation, leading to the potential for significant change.

How to Get the Best Out of a Black Moon!

Black moons are relatively rare but precious, events which augur the birth of a significant new life cycle. A black moon comes in two parts: the first new moon which provides an opportunity to contemplate coming changes and make any necessary adjustments in current plans, and the actual black moon a month later, which signifies the birth of new beginnings and an important fresh start. Before exploring the attributes of Lilith in the 8th house, we should mention that the article is about Black Moon Lilith.

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  • Before exploring the attributes of Lilith in the 7th house, we should mention that the article is about Black Moon Lilith. Black Moon Lilith in Houses. Your maturity and wisdom will definitely come into play and help you resolve things. Click on the zodiac signs for more information on how the Black Moon will impact your daily life.

    Aries , the New Moon will have an important impact on your daily life, your rituals as well as on your professional life. You could find yourself running around here, there and everywhere after people. When you feel anger boiling inside of you, take a step back and evaluate things instead of exploding. As for your professional life, things will take an exciting turn for you.

    Why not look into making some bold financial moves; the risk could pay off and see you hit the jackpot. Rolling over and biting your tongue are things of the past for you, Virgo friends. The time has come for you to come out of your shell and to speak your mind.

    This is How the Super Black Moon in Leo will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

    Libra friends, your chances of finding love are running very high right now! Make the most of your good luck in love right now! Single Scorpio friends, you can officially look forward to meeting someone who will completely take your breath away. If you are already in a relationship, you are likely to meet some new friends who will help your dreams come true. The Black Moon of August 30 will see some changes be implemented in your professional life, Sagittarius. Capricorn , the Black Moon will see you making either a new friend or meeting someone you are very sexually attracted to.

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