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During this retrograde conjunction, there is a less competitive, less restless feel without the opposition to Pluto. But the square to Uranus brings out the more impulsive and provocative nature of this conjunction. Your thinking may become nervous and rushed, while your reflexes increase will be very fast. So the potential for losing your temper and getting in arguments is still very high. The key to handling this confrontational energy comes by gaining self-awareness of the buildup of nervous and impulsive energy.

Remember, chose your battles carefully and think before acting. Mercury square Uranus brings excitement and change which can cause upsets and nervous tension. Unexpected news may force you to change plans. A lack of concentration and a tendency to become distracted makes this a bad time for studies, paperwork and making plans. Misunderstandings could lead to arguments, and you are more likely to offend others and be offended. Be flexible and open-minded. Think twice before making bold statements, and double-check and travel plans.

Avoid making spontaneous decisions or agreeing to things on the spur of the moment. Mars square Uranus gives a strong urge to break free from restriction and rebel against authority. A tendency to act rashly without regard for the consequences can lead to great disruption or conflict. You cannot restrain this erratic energy so must express your crazy, creative or inventive side in a safe environment. Find a creative outlet socially, sexually or through a hobby.

Get your kinky or dangerous desires out of your system in a safe way without upsetting others. Avoid impulsive actions and taking dangerous risks. Lack of attention and concentration can lead to accidents, especially as when driving or working with electricity or technology. Your words, hands, and actions can heal and teach people who are in trouble. Strong personal and spiritual willpower helps you stand up for others and confront sensitive issues. Mercury opposite Pluto is much easier to deal with without Mars opposite Pluto, as was the case with Mercury entering the retrograde zone.

October 12222

And the orb is one degree wider than back then too. So while there will still be intense debates, there is much less likelihood of threats, intimidation and other forms of psychological abuse. But propaganda, secrecy, mind control, superiority complexes, and obsessions are still possible. Mercury direct conjunct the competitive fixed star Pollux still brings the risk of arguments.

But compared to the first two phases of Mercury retrograde , this is a good time for research, investigation and uncovering secrets. Psychological self-analysis or relationship counseling could lead to positive transformation in your thinking as deeper levels of understanding are reached. Transiting Mercury retrograde is a regular cycle occurring three or four times a year for about 24 days.

This is far less than Jupiter outwards, but more than Venus and Mars. The Mercury retrograde phase is just one part of the Mercury retrograde cycle. The whole cycle includes Mercury going direct, retrograde, and direct again over the same degrees, or the retrograde zone.

The two direct phases are called the shadow periods. The illustration below shows the apparent retrograde motion of Mercury as seen from Earth. Mercury retrograde brings communication and technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays, and lost items. There is a feel of a difficult Mercury—Saturn aspect about Mercury retrograde.

You can also expect to dwell on things, reminisce about the past, or unexpectedly meet up with people from your past. While the Mercury retrograde period might be good for flicking through old photo albums, it is generally considered more of a nuisance than a benefit. Mercury retrograde can play havoc with your thoughts, communications, travels, and electronics.

Take extra care with your words and try not to react too quickly in any arguments or if provoked. Take some time out if you start to feel overwhelmed by the hectic pace. Double-check all of your emails and posts on Facebook before hitting the send button. Business negotiations will be in a state of flux during Mercury retrograde so avoid signing contracts.

Some important details will not yet b available, and others may be unreliable or dishonest. If going on a road trip then make sure you get your car serviced beforehand. The riskiest times for decision-making, negotiations, communication, and transport are the few days either side of the exact retrograde and direct stations. However, care should still be taken during the retrograde period. Natal Mercury retrograde suggests there may have been a problem with how you thought and communicated in an earlier life.

Perhaps you gave someone bad advice that had critical repercussions. Perhaps you were prone to making costly mistakes. Maybe you wrote slanderous material about someone in a book or newspaper, or verbally teased and abused people. Whatever the circumstances of the previous significant incarnation, you come into this life with those bad memories etched in your soul.

A repeating theme of challenging events related to your past is likely, especially when young. The aim of Mercury retrograde natal is to perfect those areas of thought and communication which once let you down.

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As your communication skills improve with experience, your karmic debt will be repaid and you can get off the roundabout. Natal Mercury retrograde meaning can show as learning difficulties, especially with reading, writing, and comprehension. You could be a shy, quiet person whose thoughts have turned in. Hesitant to speak up for yourself, you may miss out on many opportunities in life. This difficulty in expressing yourself can make you feel awkward in company, and lead to low self-esteem. You may experience teasing or verbal abuse, be nagged and criticized, or fall victim to slander and lies.

Wednesday 2nd October 12222

Contracts may also cause problems and like so many things, lead to complications further down the track. Mercury retrograde only lasts for about three weeks so Mercury is going to turn direct at some stage in your progressed chart where one day equals one year. After a couple of years, you will notice that your communication style improves and you can express yourself more freely. However, the opposite can also occur and someone with Mercury direct in their natal chart may experience progressed Mercury retrograde later in life. I experienced this from age 13 to 37 and it was very profound.

I even stopped reading books. If you have Mercury retrograde in your natal or progressed chart then you can expect to make more rapid progress during transits of Mercury retrograde. Use this ephemeris to see if Mercury changes direction in your progressed chart. This is so well written. You explain the planetary positions along with an interpretation. This also gives a timetable for the different phases.

This is very educational and your explanations can be used for further self investigation. Good question Michael.

I would expect mental anxiety for Mercury retrograde in general, but especially for this one because of the square to Uranus. Also nervousness. Mercury retrograde could be a especially challenging period for the signs ruled by Mercury and, possibly, for people who have their Ascendant in the signs ruled be Mercury. And Jamie perfectly explained Mercury retrograde challenges! Although, we are going to experience Total Solar Eclipse on July 2nd, …. Thanks, Jamie, for you post on Mercury retrogade! Will this be true in July for him? Thank you Sonia! Those Mercury transits are good but you also have to consider transiting Mars on his Sun for the retrograde station.

Mercury with Mars can make for sexy words but also angry words. It also depend how his Mercury is aspected by other natal planets. Not surprised.

Everything is boring. Hi Mitch. You may notice Mercury stationing direct on your Venus on July 31, more than the retrograde phase. I would think you will also feel Pluto opposite your Venus from February You have such a gift of saying just the right words to capture the essence of the aspects. I was raised in and have self-studied astrology since I turned 7 years old so I look forward to your interpretations and impressions.

Thank you so much for sharing your talents! On June 20, my Sig. Other was run over by a car. He was not seriously injured, he saw the car coming and dived out of the way. But he was still pushed over and landed on his left wrist, which was badly sprained. Tr Sun is also in semi-square aspect to his very close Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo. Tr Chiron is square his natal Mars in Cancer and con natal Eris. Perhaps he had quite a lucky escape…. What are the transiting Quincunxes? Perhaps the accident was a mis-communication?

Did your husband make eye contact with the driver before the mishap, and did the movements get misread? The car came around the corner too fast.

Moon Tracks Astrology Calendars

No communication except the wing brushed against him. No eye contact. He saw the bonnet of car alarmingly close to him and dived forward, but not quite far enough. Thanks for pointing out the wrist sign, actually, very interesting. Ok, on another note… …. Have you been a doula, Char? Was your husband? He heals quickly. My first thought was: no way have either of us ever been a doula… but then my mind went back 50 years!! The Moon rules over our feelings, emotions, nurturing feminine side yes, even men have a nurturing feminine influence , as well as our childhood memories and family matters.

Depending on which sign the Moon transits, that sign's energies will be blended into, or at the very least, awash over our natural Moon Sign's tendencies. This is one reason why our emotions and moods always seem to be in a state of flux, internally.

Saturn-Mars Mutual Aspect September 25 – November 9

When the Moon begins into a Void of Course period, these areas of our life seem to hit a disconnect. We encounter a short period of emotional confusion, mood fatigue, or even simply feel emotionally and physically rundown. We may not be able to rely on our usual "gut" decision-making.

It is not advisable to initiate new concepts during the VoC Moon. For example, many students complain of not being able to remember what was taught during the Moon's Void of Course transit.

Forecast for October 12222

From a psychological perspective, Learning and Memory are both closely associated with Emotions. When our emotions are dampened by the Void of Course period, we have a difficult time retaining new information. We must rely on the information that we already have, which may be insufficient once the Void of Course Moon has finished up. This is why so many astrologers describe this period as being "lost time" because we have a harder time staying on task, paying attention to details or flat out missing important information.

Yet, the VoC period is useful if we have the ability to kick back, postpone making important decisions, and simply enjoy being "one" with the Void Moon. If you live in the Western hemisphere, use the minus - radio button. Let's use the Pacific Time Zone as an example. Click on the minus radio button and select 8 from the dropdown window then click the "Change" button to adjust the time. Same operations with a slightly different time outcome. Once you find the area closest to your region and convert the time, look for the UTC offset for your timezone.

That will be your clue for the time zone offset on this Moon Void of Course date list.

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astrological alignment november 20 2019 Astrological alignment november 20 2019
astrological alignment november 20 2019 Astrological alignment november 20 2019
astrological alignment november 20 2019 Astrological alignment november 20 2019
astrological alignment november 20 2019 Astrological alignment november 20 2019
astrological alignment november 20 2019 Astrological alignment november 20 2019
astrological alignment november 20 2019 Astrological alignment november 20 2019
astrological alignment november 20 2019 Astrological alignment november 20 2019
astrological alignment november 20 2019 Astrological alignment november 20 2019

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