October 28 venus transit astrology

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You will have a clear understanding of right and wrong and you will be quite witty, too. You will have a delightful period of family and love relationships. You will also be inclined to pay more attention to your appearance and looks. Your sense of aesthetics will be enhanced and you will find the idea of physical attractiveness appealing. Your professional life will also flourish in this phase. Clarity in communication will be vital as Venus transit in Libra from 4 th October to 28 th October Your love life will stabilize here as financial matters become more significant and critical.

You will get good material and income gains, in this period, but you need to handle your finances with care. Any communication related to money matters, savings and investments must be transparent. Clarity is also required in any sort of verbal communications in personal life.

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Small trips for small joys will be ideal when Venus transits in Scorpio from 28 th October to 25 th November This will be a mild period of love and romance as you will take less initiatives towards stabilizing your relationship with your spouse or partner. However, there will be no major conformations or disputes as you will like to keep your family and love life clutter free and would thus avoid any misunderstandings.

Tuesday 1st October 12222

Your clear communication will help put things in right place. Short trips with spouse, lover or family are indicated in this period.

Family bond will strengthen as Venus transit in Sagittarius from 25 th November to 16 th December Family comfort and love environment both will blend beautifully in this period. You would want to spend more time at home with your spouse and family members.

Planetary Overview: Major Astrological Aspects and Transits - October 2019

Small things in life will give you greater sense of joy as Venus enters your 4 th house. You will be completely focused to fulfill the needs and desires of your family and maintain peace and harmony at home. Your bond with your mother will deepen and you will share an increased sense of affection towards each other. You will have a lot of fun and enjoyment opportunities with your people, during this transit phase.

Love will be deeper when Venus transit in Capricorn from 16 th December to 9 th January Here, you will enter a period of deep-rooted love and care.

The Low-Down on the Far-Out

Actions in affection will be subdued and it will be more about the depth in your relationships that will matter. There will be fun, thrill and emotions inn your love life, but none of it will be overly dramatic. A new relationship might be on the cards, which is going to be exciting and long-term. Your bond with your children will strengthen in this period and you would not mind spending some extra bucks to make them happy. Balance is the key to happiness as Venus transits in Aquarius from 9 th January to 3 rd February There is obviously nothing bad in putting more focus at your work but you need to ensure that your family and love life does not suffer because of you devoting more time in the office.

Social activities will be more on the work front, but you can compensate it by spending the weekends with your family. You must also keep a check on your finances in this period, as you are likely to incur added expenses. Passion will rule when Venus transits in Pisces from 3 rd February to 28 th February You will have a splendid love life in this period, as you will be able to get along well with your spouse or lover.

There will be minor arguments for difference of opinion in matters of day-to-day life, but you will be able to sort them out wisely. Your marital life will flourish and you will be able to make it exciting with your new gained thoughts of sexual fantasies.

Transit of Venus: How will it affect the love life of Virgo?

Your sense of commitment and passion will enhance and you may also develop a certain level of possessiveness for your partner. If you are single, there are chances of you falling into a meaningful and committed love relationship. Emotional restraint will be evident when Venus transit in Aries from 28 th February to 29 th March Transiting in your 8 th house Venus will put a negative influence on your love life.

Your relationship with your spouse and love partner will suffer. The Transit of Venus on June is a rare event, and is made even more special because of the other astrological events with this Venus transit. We only get two transits of Venus about every years, and they comes in pairs at eight years apart. So the last transit of Venus was in , and the next one will be in the year A transit of Venus is your normal Sun conjunct Venus we usually get, but in this case, Venus passes across the face of the Sun.

You can see in the picture on the right, taken during the transit of Venus, that this planets influence on us and the earth must be intensified, just look at her being engulfed by the fire of the Sun.

Venus Transit

We have the strongest influence in over a generation with Uranus square Pluto on June There is the June 4 Lunar Eclipse just a day before, and Venus is retrograde conjunct minor planet Chaos, and square Mars. I have looked back at the charts of previous transits of Venus, and none had the intensity of this one. I believe that June will really kick off all the drama that has been predicted in our Astrology Forecast. Now Sun and Venus square Mars does indicate conflict.

Uranus square Pluto will only make this volatile set of aspects even more explosive. The dramatic change is now made very personal with the Moon on Pluto. The Moon also rules our past, and with Venus retrograde, some of us could be in for some intense encounters with old lovers and even current ones.

This was a theme that kept coming up in the Venus retrograde post. The overall picture emerging is one of facing up to reality in our relationships. If you have been deceitful in some way, been playing around or have an addiction, then you will likely face a lot of hostility from your partner or even close friends. The great intensity shown in this chart means that any built up frustrations, resentment or anger, which has been poisoning a relationship, must now be released. It ties the picture together really, intense feelings of love and hate, exposing the evil, fighting it, then filling the void a higher form of love.

The people who will feel the transit of Venus the strongest, and probably find it most difficult will be decan 2 Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

12222 Venus Retrograde

However decan 2 Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius should do particularly well out of it. Hi If venus receives only 1 aspect from mercury sextile and no other aspects at all i nthe birth chart could this mean that this person is not able to receive love from others, lacking the venus quality? His venus is in aq in Thanks Eva. I am living intricately and profoundly through everything described in all these posts and pages here… and too dumbfounded and overloaded, angry and emotional about it all to share any details.

Fated… unavoidable… too much. You know, the odd thing about all of this is I know that it is true.

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october 28 venus transit astrology October 28 venus transit astrology
october 28 venus transit astrology October 28 venus transit astrology
october 28 venus transit astrology October 28 venus transit astrology
october 28 venus transit astrology October 28 venus transit astrology
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